About Rowan Holistic Health Ltd


Our focus is to support your well-being and good health. Your can depend on our highly-trained practitioners and our extensive experience.


As a Social Enterprise (not-for-profit company limited by guarantee), Rowan Holistic Health Limited evolved from the idea and initial findings of its experienced complementary therapy practitioners who believe that the general health and well-being of individuals can be supported and improved through regular therapy interventions / treatments.


A wealth of research evidence now available shows that symptoms of many long-term conditions can be relieved and potentially improved successfully through complementary care.  Orthodox and conventional treatments can be enhanced with the application of various therapy modalities, chosen specifically for an individual patient / client.


Whilst many patients benefit from conventional medicine prescriptive drugs many side-effects can be experienced, often leaving an individual with more health difficulties.  With some long-term health conditions there is often little or no response to prescribed medicine and these can be termed as 'effectiveness gaps' within conventional care.  Increased prescriptions over recent years have led to enormous financial strains within the National Health Service, much of which has been incurred within these 'gaps'.  It is the belief of Rowan Holistic Health that through the provision of complementary therapies support can be offered to the NHS, helping alleviate some costs whilst at the same time supporting and enhancing an individual patients health.

With many complementary therapies now more widely available there is still little or no provision within the NHS, with many being offered only through private practice, therefore access for many individuals is limited.  Individuals who could potentially benefit enormously are those on low incomes or who live in rural areas where both provision and access is often limited.  With these factors in mind Rowan Holistic Health has been formed providing a service which delivers affordable access to patients within a rural area, encompassing many of the recommendations suggested in recent government health reports.  Working collaboratively with local GP practices Rowan Holistic Health believes that in providing a complementary therapy service enhancement can be made to current local provision in the care of patients / clients, offering choice, accessibility and affordability for all.


Our aims


  • To provide a patient centred approach through integrated holistic care by the provision of a Complementary Therapy service within the rural community of Northamptonshire.
  • The provision of our service will offer a supportive programme for chronic long-term conditions and cancer.
  • To provide well-being sessions and workshops offering: nutritional information, relaxation, self-help techniques and advice
  • To offer teaching and training to other complementary therapy practitioners through workshops and seminars

Our objectives


In creating an efficient service our objectives are to:

  • Offer high-quality complementary healthcare
  • Provide an accessible and affordable service to local communities
  • Promote the health and well-being of local people
  • Support the developments of complementary healthcare both locally and nationally
  • Encourage partnership working – working with local GP practices, community nursing services, local hospices, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists etc.
  • Incorporate clinical evaluation
  • Incorporate strategies to support existing NHS provision, National Cancer Networks and charitable organisations
  • Include education and encourage good practice through teaching and training, day seminars and workshops for both patients/clients and other health care practitioners




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Rowan Holistic Health Ltd


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Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology & Reiki

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